Our Story

Welcome to Skin Feelings – the french brand of mantras & jewellery inspired temporary tattoos.

With a bohemian-luxe spirit, Skin Feelings design a wide range of temporary body art: black ink tattoos, metallic tattoos, crystal tattoos.
Each of our mantra tattoo, our original concept, is a unique piece of artwork thoughtfully designed to convey the essence of the word/quote, while our inspired jewellery for the skin is an illusional artwork that recreates precisely real jewellery pieces in a subtle way. Crystal tattoos are our last innovation in cosmetic jewels, the next beauty craze.

Thin and discreete, Skin Feelings tattoos are perfect to be worn all year long, on a sunkissed skin for a day at the beach, as statement accessories for festival weekends, for having fun at parties and even to get motivation on working days !

Based in Paris, as any other fashion brand, Skin Feelings imagines each seasons collections to fit perfectly the current fashion and lifestyle trends.
Launched in 2013, the young label has quickly grown thanks to the support of influencers, bloggers, editors, brands and loyal customers from everywhere around the world.

Skin Feelings collaborates with renowned brands to design exclusive collections :
Piaget, Free People, Chanaël K, Kenzo Parfums, Reminiscence Paris.


Leslie SULMAN is a web-entrepreneur, former founder of an international e-shopping platform dedicated to fashion.

Fashion at the heart of her business, design in her soul, Skin Feelings is born from serendipity.
As Fashion Trend hunter, and experte in online shopping, drived by her instinct, Leslie has imagined these inspirational temporary tattoos messages. Throughout collections, her creative process has evolved in the design of jewellery inspired tattoos and lately with the launch of cosmetic jewels with crystal tattoos.
Leslie drive her label by herself : Design, Photography, web, PR, Sales…. she juggles everyday to pursue this unexpected but exciting journey.


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