Supermodels & Their Tattoos
Today, tattoos are the fashion trend to adopt. There are countless supermodels wearing tattoos: Erin Wasson & her arrows, Freja Beha & her messages, Kate Moss & her anchor, Gisèle Bündchen & her star. A real signature.
However, getting a permanent tattoo is a real life choice, that everyone is not willing to accept.So for all those who do not yet dare to go under the needle, Skin Feelings has designed ephemeral tattoos so lifelike, that anybody can adopt as a permanent tattoo.

Exit le Kitsch !
Place à la mode !

Temporary Tattoos : the alternative
Fashion under the skin
Skin Feelings Temporary Tattoos are true fashionable accessories.
Each tattoo collection is launched on the season basis as every fashion brand, to fit perfectly the actual trend, but it’s also away to permanently renew & surprise at the same time.
Our tattoos have to be considered as skin jewels, available in form of messages for the most discreete to luxury jewels for the fashion touch.

A Beauty Product
The quality of our tattoos is our first concern.
They are 100 % non-toxics et do not containt Black Henna or  PPD (paraphénylène diamine).
Moreover, they are certified by the FDA in USA and by the European Health Autority.
A Beauty Product
They can last up to 5 days on the skin, depending of the area you apply it.
To get the best of your tattoo, we recommend to avoid wet area and frictions on the skin.
How to Apply a Temporary Tattoo ?
Skin Feelings Make-up Tips
To get a realistic effect, apply some loose powder with a brush when the tattoo is dry. It will avoid to be too shiny and it will last longer !