COLUMBUS ISLE – Metallic Hair Tie



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1 – Green Almond Tie  printed with the message “Mermaid off Duty”

2 – Silver grey Tie with a golden cowrie charm

3 – Black Tie with palm leaves golden prints

One Size  – Adjustable
Read our advice section to take care of your bracelet.


Registered Design – Reproduction is prohibited



Additional Information

Weight 0.02 g

Our Metallic Tie are printed with metallic and solid inks. As pretty and practical they are, they are delicate products.
With time and extended use, the print can crumble and disappear.
To maximize their resistance and prevent them from being damaged too quickly, we invite you to follow these tips:

- For your first use, start using them as a bracelet. This gently relax the elastic fiber.

- When you want to wear them as hair ties, do not extend it too strongly, this may damage the pattern.
Once in the hair, position it so that the pattern is visible and do not undergo torsion.

Care Tips :
- Avoid wet them too often
- Always dry flat to ensure their elasticity.

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