As for every collection, Skin Feelings has found inspiration in the lifestyle trends to design this Summer 14 tattoos line. Inspired by the gypset concept, thanks to Julia Chaplin Books “Gypset Style” and “Gypset Travel“, in which the author cultivates an “unconventional and bohemian approach to life”. The books give the opportunity to discover the alternative lifestyle from original personalities. Our favorites : the sisters under the Spell Designs australian label !


DEFINITION : What is a gypset ?
Gyp-set “Characterized by their need for alternative travel and lifestyle, Gypsetters fuse the ease and nomadic style of a gypsy with the sophistication and global reference of the jet set. Gypsetters are artists, designers, surfers, and bon vivants who embrace the unconventional and wanderlust, living a high-low freelance approach to life, playing and working from boats in bohemian enclaves such as Ibiza and Kenya, or catching a wave in Nicaragua and Montauk.”

Inspired by this community of people, Skin Feelings has imagined the collection theme: an irresistible tip around the world to Bali, Palm Springs, Hawaii, and Byron Bay (one of the last hippy community in the world !).

Each set of tattoo represents a destination :

  • GYPSET GODDESS : adventure in Bali tropical forest
  • GYPSEA MERMAID : playing the mermaid in the Hawaii pipeline
  • COACHELLA CHICKS: Party in the most coveted music festival of the summer
  • YOGA BABE: Find calm and serenity in a peaceful place
  • BOHO GIRL : the largest, with wider illustration for a statement effect.

Lookbook: On a travel notebook with a collage of all her pictures and thoughts about her journey, the gypset wears a tattoo in core with her mood in her daily adventure. It can be a palm tree in the sandy foots, or in the midddle of the tropical forest following her compass.