When she launched Skin Feelings early 2013, Leslie SULMAN is a web-entrepreneur, running the fashionable e-shopping guide since 2010.

As a fashion-lover, Leslie has a single goal in mind: gathering on a unique plateform the best online shopping spots from around the world, from young designers to established brands. Today, gives access to nearly 1000 e-boutiques, and have a wide e-shopper community of 100 000 members. Avant-garde 3 years ago, WearEverYouare has become the hit-destination to shop online off the beaten tracks !

Fashion trends at the heart of her business, design in her soul, Skin Feelings is born from serendipity.
These small paper sheets have become a new expression field for Leslie, where the share of some handpicked words becomes a true Happiness Therapy !


Skin Feelings Tattoos Designer

30 years Old, Paris